This episode is all about your end-of-year prep! Recently I did a Candid Corner where I shared the key metrics that I look at to review my year and assess what worked and what didn’t.

Every year I take the time to sit and review my year before I set out to plan ahead.  You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going, right?

In this episode, I share what I’m doing now to review my 2022 year and plan ahead and have a strong start to 2023. I strongly recommend that you take time to review your year because it can only help you!

It’s about seeing where your projects came from and how profitable of a year it was.

I do this every single year, and every year it looks a little different. If you want to learn more and learn how to do a deeper dive into reviewing your year, the following 2020 and 2021 episodes are a must-listen:

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