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Tools of the Trade

Running an interior design business can feel chaotic and like you’re always two steps behind. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Tools of the Trade

Running an interior design business can feel chaotic and like you’re always two steps behind. It doesn’t have to be this way!

There are tools that can save you time in growing your business and elevating your brand. This is the place to come for all that advice! (I’ll only share what has already helped me in my biz!)

My Interior Design Reveal Day Checklist

If you’re an Interior Design firm owner looking to minimize stress and chaos on Reveal Day so that you can effortlessly WOW your clients with a Reveal Day, you need a Reveal Day kit!

Get organized on Reveal Day with my toolkit


My Discovery Call Script

Pre-qualify your clients every single time with a phone call… before you meet them in person!

Adding a Discovery call to my process was a game-changer – and because it worked so well for me, I’m sharing the exact notes and script that I use for EVERY SINGLE Discovery Call I have.

This script is a game changer


Rebecca has always inspired me to develop my interior design business and brand.  Her generous and transparent attitude is a breath of fresh air which made it easy to trust that I would benefit a lot, (like a lot!) from taking her course, Momentum.  And she did not disappoint!

I really appreciated how the learning was structured in that participation in class allowed the ball to get rolling. I would highly recommend taking Rebecca’s courses if you’re really honing in on your marketing strategy, your business will thrive from it!

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The Consultation Checklist

You are the expert. Let your clients know that by running a seamless consultation that puts you in the driver’s seat and converts your clients into a Project. This checklist covers exactly how I run my 2 hour consultation with confidence and ease.

Download the Checklist

4 ways to increase your revenue

Looking for a quick infusion of cash for your business? Implement these simple ideas to start making more money right away and grow that confidence. 

I need the list

Thank you Rebecca for your guidance and all your great tips over the last months! I attended a webinar where Rebecca shared one of her free guides. I have since implemented this into my business practice. I gained new clients because of this. They were impressed when I met them and had guidelines in place to give them.


I used to get all excited and start doing up kitchen designs, quoting, etc. before securing them. Now they get a ballpark estimate and my ideas only for the paid consultation.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us!

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