About - Rebecca Hay

About Rebecca

I’m on a mission to give designers the tools and the confidence they need to succeed.”

About Rebecca

I’m on a mission to give designers the tools and the confidence they need to succeed.”

Rebecca Hay is known for her authentic, all-inclusive approach and has spent much of her design career building relationships with other designers and entrepreneurs.

Rebecca believes in the power of community and #collaborationNOTcompetition

I never felt good enough

When I first started out in the design industry I was intimidated and insecure. How could I ever measure up to other designers?

I couldn’t even get a job at first, working part time in a restaurant and part time assisting at a home staging firm. It seemed like a very long road to any kind of success.

When I finally did get my first real job as a design assistant I learned how little I knew about business. I knew that there had to be a better way to build a firm and when I took the leap into running my own business it became very lonely. I was overwhelmed by continually second-guessing myself, comparison traps, and a persistent sense that I wasn’t good enough. I stood in my own way and made everything harder than it needed to be.

And when I finally did start to get some traction in my business I was so focused on not being enough that I couldn’t even see my own success.

Then I learned to invest in myself

I invested in business learning and self-development (I know it sounds cheesy) I leaned into the person I am at my core. I taught myself marketing tips and tricks I could find on the internet and through trial and error started to see traction.

I built relationships with other designers (locally and online) learning from each other & leaning on each other when we had a problem. I discovered that building my own dream business was not at odds with helping others build theirs. We were stronger together.

I love to share, some may even say that I “overshare” ???? And now that I have finally landed in the place I am meant to be. I want to help others do the same.


Brick by brick, Rebecca Hay strategically developed the foundation for her now seamlessly run 7-figure design firm. Celebrating its tenth birthday next year. 

With a focus on exceptional quality and sustainable products, Rebecca and her team manage complete decor and design projects from start to finish creating designs that infuse old with new. With a commitment to the environment, Rebecca and her team are mindful in their design choices and strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Their work has been showcased in the pages of some of the country’s top design and lifestyle magazines and Rebecca is a regular columnist for several GTA publications. An extensive network of resources and partnerships allow Rebecca and her team to deliver outstanding, hands-on service, and beautifully creative solutions to turn their clients homes into inspired gathering places where memories are made.

I love showcasing my daily adventures on Instagram and YouTube as I run my boutique design firm in Toronto, Canada.

Resilient by Design Podcast

Rebecca is on a mission to give other designers and entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. Each week she’ll be sharing tangible takeaways on how to build confidence as a designer, experience more joy in what you do and give you the tools to change your business.


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