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Resilient by Design

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I credit podcasts with a lot of my business learning and growth over these past few years. A podcast can be just the right kick in the butt you need when you’re feeling unmotivated. Quite often we know all the things we need to do for our business but hit walls when it comes to execution. This podcast gives you the motivation and the tools to move the needle, even just a little bit, every day.

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About Rebecca

Why the Resilient By Design Podcast

Rebecca believes in the power of sharing our stories.

She has built a successful, 7 figure interior design business by trial and error, podcasts, online courses, and books. Over the last decade she has grown from an insecure student to having career false starts and now has finally landed where she wants to be.

Resilient by Design is a business podcast for like-minded career-driven women and entrepreneurs. Every week Rebecca shares the real stories behind growing her own design firm, the lessons she’s learned and real-life takeaways to implement in your own business. She also shares the stories of other badass women whose resilience provides inspiration to women looking to grow their business and make an impact on the world.

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“Throughout my journey I’ve become deeply passionate about business and helping other entrepreneurs & career minded women.”

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