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Why Sponsor our Podcast?

Rebecca established Resilient by Design to give back to her already growing community of interior design professionals. In 2019 Rebecca, already recognized as a leader in the Canadian Design Industry, started hosting in-person Meet-Ups for designers to teach them what has helped her grow her own business over the years. These meetups were so popular that they lead to her creating the Designer meet-up Facebook group (currently at 600 members and growing daily) and regular zoom calls with designers to offer them coaching and guidance as they build their businesses. The podcast was a natural evolution from these meet-ups. It’s where Rebecca shares the good, bad & the ugly of growing her design business offering tangible takeaways and interviewing inspirational guests.


  • Reach a targeted audience of interior designers, stagers, decorators, and creative entrepreneurs by sponsoring episodes of Resilient by Design.
  • 36.9k+ downloads (and growing!)
  • Top-rated business podcast on iTunes
  • Reach a very targeted audience – from enthusiastic new entrepreneurs to seasoned interior design professionals

Podcast Reviews

LOVE LOVE LOVE | I love that I found this podcast… As a graduating student of design and a mom of 3…. Who went back to school to follow her passion of design….I can relate to so much to what Rebecca is sharing and love that she is opening up and letting all new designers know how to get started in their business the right way… Being honest and sharing her mistakes and challenges along the way as well as being encouraging…will help me get a good grasp on what is ahead for me in this business. I can’t wait to take her coaching class!

Jen Sottosanti

SUPER | Really enjoyed listening to the Consultations that Convert episode! As an Interior Design student, the episode was filled with a bunch of knowledge and gave me confidence in the future, mainly on how to deal with clients when conducting a consultation! Super recommend!

Ana Rita Evangelista

An enjoyable podcast full of information! | I really enjoy listening to each new episode and can’t wait for more! Rebecca’s energy is so great and her interviewing skills are so good! I would highly recommend this to any designer or stager, regardless of their experience in their industry. There is ALWAYS something to be learned.

Jami Sparling

Great Resource for Designers | Rebecca Hay’s podcast is an amazing resource for the design and decorating industry. It has helped me as I grow and develop my business with wise anecdotes from Rebecca’s journey and others.

Ink Interiors

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Sponsorship opportunities are by episode or in packages with a 6-month minimum commitment. For details, contact us using the form below:

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