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Scale your interior design business by finding the right clients! 

Get your Discovery Call Script TODAY!

Scale your interior design business by finding the right clients! 

Get your Discovery Call Script TODAY!

Ever wondered how to find those perfect clients who not only appreciate your work and give you creative freedom, but also contribute to the growth of your business? 

Look no further! I’m thrilled to share with you the game-changing Discovery Call Script that transformed my design firm and has been key to building my 7-figure business.

This script is your golden ticket to pre-qualify clients, ensuring you only invest your time in those who align with your vision and values. Say goodbye to the days of feeling grateful for any client that comes your way – it’s time to choose the clients that truly matter!

Like many entrepreneurs, when I first opened my design firm, I would feel blessed for every and any client that came my way. It was only after a few years of imperfect clients and projects, that I realized there were ideal clients and projects for me!

BUT I was faced with the question of how I would pick them from the crowd. 

The answer? The perfect Discovery Call Script…aka MY SAVIOR!!!

Before I meet clients in their homes, I need to speak with them and follow a specific process to pre-qualify potential projects.

Adding a Discovery Call Script to my lineup was a game-changer AND because it works so well for me and hundreds of students, I’m sharing the exact notes and script that I use for EVERY SINGLE Discovery Call.


Sign up below and I’ll send you the exact script I use for Discovery Calls PLUS my list of red flags!

Ready to take the leap and secure clients who propel your business? Get your Discovery Call Script TODAY!

xo – Rebecca

Download my discovery call script & start pre-qualifying your clients.

Thank you Rebecca for your guidance and all your great tips over the last months! I attended a webinar where Rebecca shared one of her free guides. I have since implemented this into my business practice. I gained new clients because of this. They were impressed when I met them and had guidelines in place to give them.


I used to get all excited and start doing up kitchen designs, quoting, etc. before securing them. Now they get a ballpark estimate and my ideas only for the paid consultation.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us!

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