Doing Year-End Reviews changed my business. I’m not even exaggerating! Up until a few years ago, I didn’t review how I did the previous year and just kept plowing forward hoping for the best. But how can you really set goals and know whether you can achieve them or if you’re running a sustainable business if you don’t review how you did? Answer: you can’t! In today’s episode, I share how I do my Year-end Review with a focus on financials.

In this episode, I walk through the financial review I do such as reviewing my total sales, my expenses including how much I pay myself and my employees, all the way to my top-earning projects, and what the profit margins tell me about my business.

It is worth dedicating the time to focus on the task of reviewing your year because it will give you a new perspective on how your business is doing, which types of projects are helping to grow and sustain your business, and know if all of your efforts are contributing to the future vision for your company and/or your life.

Since financials is a big part of the Year-end Review, I will be back with a Part 2 to talk all about the project side of the business and figure out what lights you up and truly aligns with your business.