Get your business ready for 2021 – Part 1: Your Year in Review

Getting your business ready for the new year is a lot of work. You have to financially review the previous year, look at what worked and what didn’t in your process or in your projects, and set your goals for the new year. Because I want to share all of the exercises and details I go through each year to get my business ready, I’ve decided to break up this episode into 2 parts so that you get the most out of it!

In today’s episode, I share how I assess how my business at the end of each year. I do some of the assessments independently, however since I do have a team, I often invite them into it too. Reviewing your year is an important part of coming to terms with where you are and where you want to go and how to grow.

The exercises that I share in this episode will help you if you’re looking to learn from the past, understand where your business is at right now, and then plan ahead for the future.

Next week’s episode will be part 2 of this episode and will cover how to set your goals and properly prepare for a new year.  

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