Get your business ready for 2021 – Part 2: Set goals for the new year

In the last episode, we did a year in review and I walked you through exactly what do to review a year, assess my profitability, assess my client my base, and where I am as a business owner. If you haven’t listened to it, I strongly encourage you to listen, and take notes, because today’s episode is going to pick up where we left off!

We’ve finished 2020 thankfully and now we’re diving headfirst into 2021 which is still a bit of a wild card. When the clock strikes midnight, things aren’t automatically going to get better, but we need to adapt and make the best of what we’ve got! 

In this episode, I share what I do when I set goals for myself and my business. The key to setting goals is to be realistic, but also proactive! I go through how I break down my big hairy audacious goals into small bite-sized pieces so that I don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged. I give myself due dates and make myself accountable for meeting them. There’s power behind writing your goals down on paper, and working slowly but actively towards them! 

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