It’s a brand new year – Hello 2021!

So here’s the deal, we’ve decided since it’s a new year, we needed a new season. Let’s leave behind 2020 (with the lessons we’ve learned) and look ahead.

We’ve already started to record some pretty amazing guests for this season that we’re excited to share, but what we really want is to hear from you!

What are you struggling with? What do you wish you could learn more about? Who do you want to hear from? Who is your entrepreneur idol? I’m basically asking, what do YOU want to hear, and what would help?

Leave a comment, or send us a DM on Instagram @msrebeccahay to let us know what you want to hear.

& Remember: new episodes will be coming your way, same day, same time, with your same host 😉

Tune in on Thursday for the first Season 2 interview.

See you soon – xo, Rebecca