Interview – Mindy Applebaum

In today’s episode, I interview Mindy Applebaum, founder of Luxury Move Management. We talk all about how she’s grown her business over the last 5 years to employ 18 people, being a mom of 3, her adventure in small claims court, and how to guide clients to following your process.

Luxury Move Management a full-service move management company in the Greater Toronto Area. Mindy founded the company 5 years ago and since then has grown leaps and bounds helping over 400 clients. Her service is essentially an extension of our business as designers, as they move people from one home to the next, taking care of packing, the actual moving, clean up, and so much more!

Mindy has an incredible perspective on business. In this episode, we talk about what she does to deter her clients from hiring an external moving company. Just like many of us, as designers, not wanting our clients to go rogue and hire their own trades. She also shares a really great nugget of wisdom at the very end about the importance of not worrying if you’re making everybody happy.

You can find Mindy at, on Instagram @luxurymovemanagement, or call (416) 937 – 0499. 

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