Today’s episode is extra long but extra good! I had the opportunity to sit down once more with the talented Adrian Ramsay! A few months ago I had the privilege of being a guest on his podcast, TALKDesign, and I enjoyed our conversation so much that I told him he had to be on mine!

We had an in-depth and great conversation about the biggest elephant in the room, the state of the economy! Adrian, having been in this business over for 22 years, gave us his insights about what’s been happening, what we should pay attention to, and what we can do to ensure that our businesses can survive during the economic downturn.

About Adrian

Adrian is a National Award Winning Designer based out of Buderim, Queensland. He runs an architecture and design business called Adrian Ramsay Design House.

ADRH connects with clients to innovate solutions for them and create homes that make their hearts sing. Using his unique ‘Design Magic’ process, Adrian listens to clients’ dreams, understands their budget, and creates unique, functional, and stylish homes, with a personalized finished product that leaves no two houses the same.   While most of our work is based in Australia, Adrian Ramsay Design House has also completed works in New Zealand, England, and France. ARDH are full-service designers of new homes and home renovations, specializing in bespoke, environmentally sensitive design.

Adrian also hosts his own podcast, TALKDesign where he sits down with some big and small names and does a deep dive into their world. 

We chatted about so many exceptional topics in this episode, including what Adrian calls a concept called the Emotional Floorplan, and how to get clients to openly share their non-negotiables.

We further talk about the historical fact that design and construction are the hardest hit industries in an economic downturn and how getting to truly know your client and niching down your marketing is key to surviving it. 

And if you’re curious about our first encounter on his podcast, go give it a listen on the TALKDesign Podcast, here.

Having a network. Having a process. Having people to rely on, to call on, and they will share with you. Even if they feel like a competition, they will share for your success – as we should be now. That community in 12 months’ time will be the lifeline that is going to make a difference for you.

Adrian Ramsay

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