This episode comes directly from a question asked in our Designers Meet-up Facebook group, aka a dedicated listener! In episode 89 I spoke about my expenses and one I had listed was a publicist. This created curiosity about why I hired a publicist, what they did for me, and how much it all costs, and so in this episode, I delve into exactly that – my experience with hiring and working with a publicist! 

Throughout the episode, I share my personal and self-focused reason why I initially engaged a publicist. Guess what, it was definitely NOT client-focused, it was more of a vanity play. I saw and heard about others in the industry working with a publicist and getting featured on magazines, speaking on stage, and getting their own shows that I wanted my chance at that. 

I also open up about my experiences with the pricing plans and costs of hiring a publicist, since I have worked with a few through the years. Depending on the type of publicist, they either charge a one-time flat fee where they try to get you in front of the right people, while some work on a retainer basis per month – this is the one I’m most familiar with.  When it comes down to numbers, it is all dependent on experience, service level, and region – I’ve seen prices from 1,500 all the way to 5000 and beyond. 

Lastly, in this episode, I share what my tips are before you hire a publicist. Depending on your goal your needs will be different and not every publicist has the same connections and service offering. I talk about the goals I’ve had throughout the years and what each publicist helped me accomplish.