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The complete blueprint to calculating your design fee with confidence ensuring you  consistently get paid what you’re worth



Do you struggle with…

Agonizing over design fee proposals for hours?

Feeling uncertain about how much to charge?

Dealing with clients who question your fees?

Deciding between hourly or fixed fee billing?

Wondering how other designers calculate their fees?

I’m here to tell you…


This brand-new course for Interior Design professionals, is the only step-by-step approach of its kind. Not only will it save you hours of time mulling over client proposals, you’ll have the know-how to price projects more accurately, attracting higher paying clients, making you more money.

By the end of this course, you will …

Pricing with Confidence will give you the tools, and unparalleled industry insight to confidently charge more for your services.



running a design business alone can feel isolating. it can feel like you’re in the dark, unsure of how others are doing things.

Maybe it even feels like you’re losing money because you always underestimate how many hours a project will take.

If you’re like I was, you’re craving the insider scoop on how to make more money!

It’s time to STOP…

Sharing your discounts

Allowing clients to negotiate your rates

Wondering what everyone else is doing

Can you imagine… 

Always knowing what to charge for your services

Feeling confident you’re making money with every project

Knowing exactly what to say to clients who ask about your fees

No more arguing with clients about an invoice

Always getting paid on time

Rebecca helped me figure out how to calculate my fees. Something I always struggled with.

– Miriam Ferguson



Pricing with Confidence

The complete guide to calculating your design fees with ease, eliminating the uncertainty of never knowing if you’re charging enough. This pre-recorded course is the insider scoop you’ve been waiting for!

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Here’s how it all breaks down…

Module 1

Establish your offering

The first step in deciding the right pricing model for you is understanding who your client is. It’s the foundation of any business. You need to know whom you serve!

In this module, you’ll learn exactly why knowing your client is key to establishing effective pricing. 

Module 2

Choose your pricing model

In this module, we focus on the 3 most popular pricing models in the design industry.

You’ll learn different ways to calculate your design fee with each model and determine which pricing model is the right fit for your business and your clients.

Module 3

Industry Best Practices

It’s time to implement your new fee structure!

In this module, you’ll learn how and when to invoice your clients, the difference between retainers and deposits, and when to use them. Most importantly, you’ll leave this module ready to tackle any and all client objections to how you charge!


Design Fee Calculator Template

Use our plug-and-play template to calculate your design fee for every project with ease.




Praise for our courses




Have you ever…

felt in the dark about what to charge for your design services? 


thought that you’ve missed out on revenue in the hundreds or thousands of dollars because you’re underestimating the time it takes to complete a job?


craved a real insider perspective? (It seems like the pricing side of the business is always so hush-hush.)


struggled to find a better way to price your services that rids you of your uncertainty and inconsistency?

There is a better way!

You’ll learn how to price your services consistently with confidence and eliminate the confusion and uncertainty of never knowing what or how to charge.



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