In this episode, I chat with Rhea Claire all about how to effectively use a paper planner as support for goal setting and to help you keep you on track. We also dive into how she got around starting her lifestyle brand as a side hustle on top of having her full-time job in a design firm all during the pandemic, and lastly, she shares her passion for financial literacy. 

About Rhea Claire

Rhea is the founder and creative mind behind Rhea Claire Lifestyle, a company based on all things planning and goal setting. Originally she started with daily planners but that quickly expanded into goal setting and Financial planners as well as stationary. Rhea loves helping people actually achieve their goals and create plans to help get them there while using fabulously designed products. Rhea is a young designer in Toronto and started this brand in her spare time. 

If you know me, you know I enjoy taking pen to paper to get my thoughts out and draft plans and goals. During our conversation, Rhea explains how she uses her planner and I share how I intend to use it (or if you have any other planner it applies too) to keep track of my goals this year.

We dive into her other passion, financial literacy, and how you can use a planner to keep track of expenses and be mindful about spending and budgeting. She shares her belief that if you know how much you have and if you predict when you have to spend, it can alleviate a lot of stress around money. 

This conversation with Rhea Claire was inspirational as she really brought forth the belief that you CAN do that extra thing that you’re passionate about, even while you’re working full time! 

These goals that you set, the passions that you have are there for a reason, so follow them! Put effort in what you love and the universe will give that back tenfold.

Rhea Claire

You can find Rhea on Instagram, Pinterest, and on her website