What is your relationship with money? In this episode, I chat with Erinn Bridgman who is a money management and mindset coach and we talk about the importance of paying yourself in your business, the idea that you can forecast your income and strategize as a design entrepreneur, and the power of money mindset! 

About Erinn Bridgman

As a money management and mindset coach, Erinn Bridgman empowers female entrepreneurs to design a business that is not just ‘profitable’, but actually grows their personal wealth. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Erinn cut her chops by scaling her photography business to over six figures in under two years, affording her the capital to begin funding the real estate empire she and her husband now run. Ever passionate about supporting women as they uncover their own potential and earning power, Erinn supports female business owners to not just ‘scale their business’ but to use it as a means for building personal wealth. When she’s not working with clients or finding her next investment property, Erinn can likely be found vacationing around the world and spending quality time with friends, her husband, and daughter, Ava.

I know for me Money has always been a complex topic that I loved to hate. Its taken years to start understanding what the numbers in my business actually mean and where they can take me. During our conversation, Erinn goes into the powerful idea that we need to be paying ourselves more and not just keeping our money in our business. She believes in developing a good money mindset so that you don’t only have a profitable business but also great personal wealth. She shares how she coaches primarily women entrepreneurs through personal development and helps them acknowledge their limiting beliefs when it comes to money.


Erinn also shared two of her favorite money books:

  1. Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas
  2. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

If you don’t already, start doing some affirmations around money: “What are the few limiting beliefs that I can acknowledge about money?” I believe that wealthy women can change the world.

Erinn Bridgman

You can find Erinn at erinnbridgman.com, on Instagram @erinn_bridgman, and on YouTube.  You can also take Erinn’s Money IQ Quiz, here.