Interview with Sensei Victoria Whitfield

This episode is a little different as we dive into gaining clarity for your business through meditation with Sensei Victoria Whitfield.

As the world’s first Business Reiki Master and hostess of the 5-star rated Journeypreneur Podcast on iTunes, Sensei Victoria Whitfield helps empathic entrepreneurs and leaders stay grounded and clear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of business development, by using the power of strategic meditation. Sensei Whitfield is a published author, a successful 6-figure energy healer, and has toured the world showing heart-centered and growth-minded leaders how to get connected to their Natural Intuition and truly be visionary, so they can work less and increase their impact.

Through the episode, Victoria and I chat about her strategic method of meditation and how you can practically incorporate it into your workday while bringing in your 5-senses.

Sensei Victoria also speaks to how you can use meditation to make your money and gain clarity on your business goals. She shares practical and actionable meditation tactics that make meditation more tangible and achievable to do more often.

Words of Wisdom:

Choose to enjoy the journey. You don’t have to lose your glow as you grow in business.

You can find Sensei Victoria Whitfield at, or on Social Media @senseiwhitfield. You can also text the word “ready” to 411321 to receive her clarity guide. You can also find her book, Natural Intuition, on Amazon