Interview with Katie Storey

In this episode, I had the amazing chance to talk about something that I have been passionate about for years with the talented and knowledgeable Katie Storey!

Katie Storey is the founder and principal designer of Storey Design, a full-service interiors firm based in San Francisco. She has been recognized by California Home & Design, Wallpaper, Vogue, Domino, Luxe Interiors, and World of Interiors. She is also the founder of the Good Future Design Alliance, an alliance of design and builds professionals committed to reducing waste in the industry. “I had two choices: start this movement or change careers.”
The waste Katie was seeing every day in her interior design practice kept her up at night. The breaking point came when she ordered a couch from Oakland for a client in San Francisco, which was promptly sent 3000 miles to a distribution center in North Carolina before being shipped back to the Bay Area. Katie knew the sustainability initiatives she was implementing as a small design firm, although necessary, weren’t enough. She also knew that meaningful and lasting change would require greater industry involvement. Katie began to brainstorm ways she could prompt radical changes in the design & build industry, & connected with her greater SF community to see what could be done. After building relationships with Recology and SF’s Department of the Environment, she began creating what is now the Good Future Design Alliance – a movement to dramatically reduce waste and change the way my industry does business. They are new in their form, but with the wisdom and experience of leading designers, builders, and makers, they are here for the long fight toward a better future.

Through the episode, Katie shares her story and the journey that led her to start the GFDA. For decades, the design industry has been wasteful and not focused or conscious of the carbon footprint nor the environmental impact of the products and services that are used. However, in recent years, there’s been a shift as people are realizing how important the planet and living healthy is for our present and future.

I shared details about my own firm’s journey to sustainability, and Katie and I talked more about the many issues designers face when trying to source and work more sustainably, and she even provided some solutions. There is a way to DO better and find a balance in the design industry.

Words of Wisdom: 

If we can survive the pandemic and adjust, we can definitely adjust and meet this climate moment!

You can find Katie Storey and the GFDA at or on Instagram @thegfda.