Interview Mike Chajecki

I had a chance to sit down with my photographer Mike Chajecki and talk all about running successful photoshoots!

Mike Chajecki is a leading Interiors Photographer with almost 2 decades of experience covering Interiors and Lifestyle projects. Many of his works have been published in many of Canada’s top magazines, such as House & Home, Style at Home, Reno & Decor and countless other publications. He often collaborates with some of Toronto’s leading Interior Designers and Publicists to photograph luxurious homes.
He is passionate about highlighting the artistic vision behind the beautiful spaces that he captures with his lens. When he is not busy working with some of the most talented designers in the industry, he’s teaching photography workshops.
When away from his camera, he loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, and enjoys the outdoors or training for his next cycling race!

I’ve worked with Mike for years to capture many of our spaces and we have been featured in a multitude of national and international publications using his photos. Through the episode, Mike shares his experience as a photographer, starting out doing weddings and then transitioning to interior photography. He openly shares his perspective about photographing interior spaces and provides a variety of tips and tricks to help designers successfully work through their next photo shoot.

In this episode, Mike and I chat about the importance of finding the right photographer for you, both personality and shooting style. It is vital that you and your photographer communicate well and has a similar aesthetic so that you’re 100% happy with the end results!

Words of Wisdom:

Make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer! You’ll work so much better together.

You can find mike at and on Instagram @mike_chajecki.

You can also find Mike at our upcoming Photography & Publishing Workshop on Tuesday, November 9 at 10 AM ET, where he is one of the keynote speakers and will share more of his perspective and knowledge on running smooth photoshoots, as well as other photography insights, such as ownership and all you need to know about it.