In this episode, I talk all about what modern marketing is and the importance of finding your balance. I also share success notes from Momentum Alumni (MOGs) who have implemented all they learned last year and have come out the other end with a better understanding of how to present their business, and communicate to their ideal clients.

Modern marketing is not about just going digital, its about finding the right balance for you of old and new methods (much like in design) that work to increase your reach. What I think is really powerful is that now we have access to this democratized platform where you can post and talk about anything, anywhere, anytime – but here lies the overwhelm. The trick is understanding where you need to be which is directly related to who you are, what you offer, who your ideal client is, and what they need.

Through the episode, I share how I tried it all, from speaking on stage to lawn signs to posting every single day multiple times a day on Instagram, to weekly YouTube videos – the list goes on! I did this for a long time, and I struggled to keep up with it AND run my business. There’s a quote that says ” when you try to do it all – you don’t do anything well”. That’s what happens when you try to market yourself everywhere and anywhere because you see others doing it, instead of finding your way and doing what feels natural and comfortable for YOU.

The student success stories I share are a testament to what can be learned in my Momentum Marketing course, where I guide you to crafting your own unique marketing plan to attract your dream clients without overwhelm and exhaustion.