Interview with Cristalee Brinkworth

This bonus episode is another special one because I had the chance to sit down with another on one of my MOGs (Momentum Originals), Cristalee Brinkworth, and talk all about her journey to rebranding to her business and her experience in my Momentum Marketing course.

Cristalee Brinkworth has been designing since 2015 and is the founder of Clay & Oak Design. She is known for her modern-casual style and her attention to detail, Cristalee has a passion for expertly designing inspirational homes that breathe authenticity to her clients. Cristalee grew up rurally in the Kamloops area, where she developed a strong appreciation for local and expertly crafted finishes. She holds dear to the craftsman’s stories of their trade and thrives on their expertise to develop ideas for her projects. Cristalee lives with her husband Teague, their two daughters Mikayla and Amber, and fur baby Piper on a small acreage in the community of Kamloops, BC.

“I’m obsessed with natural materials.  They age beautifully just like humans.”

Through the episode, Cristalee and I chat deeply about her journey to building her business and what it took to rebrand after taking Momentum. I appreciate Cristalee’s openness and willingness to share her journey, and her acceptance of progress over perfection.

We speak further about meeting clients where they are at and focusing on what feels right and natural to you when it comes to marketing, rather than doing the status quo. We also chat about the comparison trap that many find themselves in when observing other design businesses on social media. Cristalee and I both agree with the mentality that you can’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle, and that you should focus on what YOU can do, and that everyone just puts forth their own “highlight reel” which means that you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

You can find Cristalee at and on Instagram @clayandoakdesign.