This episode is a little different but in a terrific way! Now that Designer’s Room is open to the Interior Design Industry, I wanted to give you a small peek into what this incredible community provides.

This episode is an excerpt from a Designer’s Room training session from May 2022 where I get into that often dreaded topic of Mastering Sales.

I break down some mental blocks I’ve seen come up for designers around selling, explain conversion rates, how to calculate them, and why they are important to your business’ success. In the second half of the training, I share 10 sales tips to boost your conversion rate to help designers feel empowered even when their project calendar is a roller coaster. I cover prospecting, preparation, process, and much more.

If this episode is beneficial to you, you can find many other trainings inside of Designer’s Room. If you’re seeking community and knowledge as an interior design professional this is the membership for you!


This episode is sponsored by Devix Kitchens