This episode is filled to the brim with “aha!” moments about all things Human Resources and the role it plays in a small business, so get ready to take some notes.

I chatted with Laura Tolhoek, founder and principal consultant of Essential HR Canada, to get answers to all my burning HR questions and learn why it is so worth it for small businesses to hire an outside expert. She shares the differences between subcontractors and employees, the nitty gritty behind contracts (including the one most important part), and even a few HR horror stories that her services can help prevent. Her insights on why investing in an outside team of professionals can free up a business owner’s time, mental capacity, and emotional energy were so on the nose and she even gets a tad controversial towards the end. See what you think! I know you’re going to soak up so much wisdom and motivation from Laura the same way I did! 

Key Takeaways

  • How the role of HR extends beyond typical disciplinary issues. It includes navigating various practical work situations and answering complex queries. 

  • The distinction between hiring subcontractors and employees and the appropriate scenarios for each within small design firms such as wages, outsourcing work, and who’s responsible for equipment. 

  • The importance of having properly drafted contracts for both employees and subcontractors further highlights the role contracts play in delineating the terms of work and clarifying the relationship’s parameters.

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