Interview – Tiffany Heimpel 

Today’s episode is a fun one because I got to interview my friend Tiffany Heimpel who is a sales manager at LinkedIn Canada, and we talk all about sales.

Tiffany has spent her career vacillating between public and private ad, media, and tech companies. She spent her early career in Advertising, went to NBC Universal where she honed her sales skills with Walmart and Amazon. Tiffany currently leads the Enterprise Sales Team at LinkedIn Canada. A sales and marketing leader, Tiffany is also a yogi, runner, dog mom, human mom, and craft beer/chicken wing lover, as well as my good friend and neighbour.

In this episode, we talk candidly about how professionally beneficial it is to have a unique mindset which is incredibly evident with how many directions Tiffany’s career has taken (currently landing her as a sales leader without having taken a formal business course). Tiffany also explains what a sales conversion is and how to calculate it for your business. Lastly, she shares a few tips on how to use LinkedIn to amplify your business’ reach and sales.

“Sales” is normally not a sexy or fun topic, but trust me when I say listening to Tiffany and I chat in this episode will actually have you enjoy thinking about numbers (and believe me, I’m the last person to say I enjoy numbers).

You can find Tiffany at or on Instagram @tiffanyheimpel, on Twitter @tiffanyheimpel, and on LinkedIn at

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