In today’s bonus episode, I’m sharing my wins! & No, I’m not sharing them to pat myself on the back or as a brag session. I’m sharing these “love notes” or #wins from past clients, past students, and freelancers that have worked with me so that you can understand how having a process will help elevate your business and the experience you provide internally AND externally. 

Once you have a process, even a rough outline, you need to test it out! You need to use it and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t, and use that to build on your process.

Let me be honest, when you start working on your process, it WON’T be perfect. It CAN’T be perfect, because you don’t know how your ideal client, team, or trades are going to react. Depending on the industry dynamic in your location or the types of people you work with, you will need to change and customize it as you receive feedback. With every comment you collect, good or bad, will get your process one step closer to perfect. As you continue to grow, you will continue to build.

Through the episode, I share some of the wonderful feedback I’ve received and all of my takeaways and learnings from each one!

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