Dive into this enriching conversation filled with valuable advice, personal insights, and motivational gems! Listen in as we delve into the career journeys of two esteemed members of Designer’s Room, Jamie Khan and Adriana Pietropaolo, as they transition from commercial design to the dynamic realm of residential design.

In this special episode, Jamie and Adriana, who have been integral parts of each other’s professional journeys even before their involvement with Power of Process and Designer’s Room, candidly share their experiences and transformations. From their corporate beginnings to becoming successful design firm owners, they discuss their educational paths, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the pivotal moments that redirected their career trajectories towards the “Wild West” of residential design.

Tune in to discover how Designer’s Room and our courses have made tangible impacts on their businesses, including overcoming imposter syndrome, implementing strategic pricing adjustments, and enhancing conversion rates with the unwavering support of the Designer’s Room community.

Prepare to be inspired as Jamie and Adriana shed light on the distinctive nuances between commercial and residential design, along with their future aspirations and goals.

If you’re looking for an uplifting dose of motivation or a sign that you too can pursue your passion and achieve your goals, look no further – this episode is your catalyst for inspiration!



This episode is sponsored by Devix Kitchens