This Bonus episode is of a very interesting conversation I had with the talented and intelligent Adriana Pietropaolo. In the episode, she shares how she made the choice of going from experienced corporate designer to entrepreneur and residential designer, the imposter syndrome that accompanied the switch, as well as her experience in my signature course Power of Process.

About Adriana Pietropaolo

Adriana is a licensed Interior Designer in Toronto who has been working in the commercial industry for 8+ years, and amidst a prolonged pandemic maternity leave, decided to go out on her own to be her own boss in design. She is a full-time mamma and full-time solopreneur who believes that the Interior Design profession is often severely misunderstood and is passionate about being honest, open, and transparent about it all to help educate and emphasize the incredible importance and value Interior Designers have.

I think this chat with Adriana is incredibly transparent and impactful because of the honest nature of our conversation in regards to Imposter Syndrome and the true value given to interior designers. Adriana shares her many years of experience in the Corporate design world and compares that to her experience being a residential designer so far.

One of my biggest takeaways from our conversation is the impact that POP had on Adriana’s life and business. Adriana is part of the Spring 2021 cohort. She joined to figure out exactly what this design world is all about and learn how to establish a process that is client-facing, which is very different than the one you would find in the corporate design world. Adriana talks about the power of community, and how podcasts and POP have really helped her build that confidence in her own design journey.

Let go and try it. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable and know that it’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to question and not know, to just analyze everything that you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and how you felt five years ago versus now. You’re a different person. That just means that you’re growing and figuring out what’s best for you.

Adriana Pietropaolo 

You can find Adriana at and on Instagram at @adrianapiedesign.

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