In this episode, I sat down with powerhouse POP alumni, organizer, and decorator Sarah Grant and we chatted all about how she picked up and moved her family and her business across the country and is now expanding her offerings!

If you’re considering making a big move to a different city or beyond, you’ll want to catch Sarah’s nuggets – let this episode inspire you!

About Sarah

Sarah Grant is the founder of Be.neat Studio, a move management service specializing in helping families rightsize and make the most of their space. Not your typical Queen’s BComm grad, Sarah is a Professional Organizer and Designer who brings creativity, collaboration and calm, to help clear the clutter and curate streamlined, structured, and inspired spaces. Sarah recently relocated to Kelowna, B.C. where she enjoys skiing, golfing, hiking, and beaches with her family. She jumps at the chance to return to Toronto for work and fun.

I first met Sarah when she was living in Toronto working as a home organizer. She helped me organize my basement that’s full of kids’ toys, my kitchen, and my bathrooms. Sarah is an incredibly savvy businesswoman who took Power of Process in 2022 and was able to implement all that she learned and expand her organizing business to include decorating services. All this after having moved from Ontario to British Columbia! Sarah shares what her journey has looked like as well as her biggest takeaways from taking Power of Process. (Learn more)

The importance of not trying to do everything yourself. Recognize your own strengths and bring people on board to support you in areas where you can get help and that’s where all the growth happens.

Sarah Grant

You connect with Sarah on Instagram @be.neatstudio or on her website