In this episode, designer extraordinaire and returning guest, Erica Gelman and I sat down to talk all about contracts! We covered why you need a contract, and what should be in it.

If you’re a designer and are looking for some insight on what to include in your design services contract, this episode is for you! We both share some lived experiences that should help you fast forward and skip a few pitfalls. 

Erica is candid and an open book throughout the entire episode. She unexpectedly shares her story of being sued by a client and walks us through exactly what happened. Her experience prompted her to want to share her insights with our audience so that others can learn from her without having to go through it themselves.

About Erica

Erica Gelman is the principal designer of Erica Gelman Design Inc in Toronto. She graduated from the esteemed International Academy of Design & Technology and leads a talented team. Erica prides herself on a keen eye for detail; combining formal training with her flair for style and impeccable sense of colour to create truly unique spaces. Erica’s work can be seen in numerous national lifestyle publications. Her design approach is simple yet sophisticated; a combination of lush textures and bold patterns infused together to create timeless designs.

Once you have a contract and it’s signed with a client, follow your own contract, and hold yourself accountable. You expect your client to fulfill every part of the agreement, so make sure you do the same. Read your contract if you forgot! Every time you send one off just read it again, You’re investing in your own business by doing so, you’re putting in the time and you’re making sure that everything you’ve said to them doesn’t just stay on a piece of paper but it actually happens.

Erica Gelman

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