In this episode, I sit down with entrepreneur extraordinaire and sales maven Nikki Rausch and talk all about getting comfortable with selling.

Designers and creatives, get ready to take notes. Sales is an area where many of us often fall short – myself included. It’s an area of constant stress and one that we constantly need to improve if we want to have a successful business.

Nikki has a phenomenal ability to talk about sales. Through our conversation, I had so many Ah-has and takeaways that I can apply to my own business and even to my discovery call script.

About Nikki

CEO of Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”. With 25+ years of selling experience, entrepreneurs and small business owners now hire Nikki to show them how to sell successfully and authentically. Nikki has written 3 books, all available on Amazon. And she has a podcast called Sales Maven which you can find on your favorite podcast platform.

In this episode, Nikki shares many tangible takeaways and specific advice on how to level up, make the sale, and tweak your conversations with clients to that you can secure the sale and land those dream clients and projects.

Do not send a proposal to somebody without having scheduled a time to have reviewed that proposal. So that you can answer any last questions and ask for the business. If you’re missing this step you’re leaving money on the table, you’re slowing down the sales process and earning this person’s business, and risk losing their business.

Nikki Rausch

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