In this episode I dive into the process I use to hire the right fit. I’m sharing what I’ve learned over the years, from lots of trial and error, and what I’ve improved on in the last 18 months.

I’ll be sharing details of my hiring process that will benefit both business owners who are looking to grow their teams, as well as anyone trying to break into the design industry and get hired at a design firm.

As you know I never really worked in corporate, so hiring is something that I have had to learn as I needed for my business. Over time I’ve made small tweaks that have helped me feel confident and hire the right people for the right roles. I talk you through my exact process and share some key interview questions and practices that have helped me build a solid team.

One of the biggest questions I get is “How do I know WHEN I need to hire”, I dive deeper into this in Episode 8

If you want to know more about mistakes I’ve made while hiring in the past, give Episode 55 a listen.