This episode is all about the top 3 mistakes that I have learned from when it comes to hiring. Although this list can be adapted to any industry or business, I share how they affected my design business.

I go into detail about my initial thoughts on hiring, and how making these 3 big mistakes affected my design business, and how you can learn to spot them and avoid making the same mistakes.

I’ll toot my own horn and say that I’ve grown a lot and can spot some red flags before they become issues, but this is not to say that there’s nothing to improve. On the contrary, I am looking forward to the day I can pass off hiring for my company to an HR company that is fully trained to jump through all the hiring loops.

Through the episode, I talk about how I used to be obsessed with hours my employees used to spend doing various tasks, and how that actually cost me more time and money in the end. To give you an idea, I would often deter tasks that I deemed “simple” or  “that I can do faster” to myself, which just led to more stress. (I was doing it all backward!)

In addition, I hired because I just needed help, but didn’t have a plan laid out for my new hire. This just led to inefficiencies and more waste of time.

Lastly, I used to hire for skills and experience over personality. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, this one is a BIG one for me. You can teach skills and experience comes with time, but you can teach or change personality, and that is KEY to growing your business. You need to meld well with your growing team, have similar core values, and perspectives.

The biggest lesson learned from all of the hiring mistakes I’ve made is that you have to trust your gut, and don’t be too hard on yourself it is doesn’t work out, it’s all part of the learning curve and growing pains of any business.