Grab a pen and paper before you press play for this episode because it’s full of good tips and takeaways. I had the opportunity to chat with Etel Igreda from Blossom CPA.

Etelvina Igreda, aka Etel, is the Founder and Director of Blossom CPA in Toronto, Ontario. After working in corporate environments for some time, she started her own firm to grow professional happiness for herself and create positive change for her Creative clients. Etel describes herself as an accountant by trade and an entrepreneur by choice. Besides having her business baby, Etel am a mom of 3 and wife of 1.

Fun side note: If Etel didn’t go the business route she would have become a professional translator: she loves learning languages, language rules, and interacting with people.

Blossom CPA is a modern accounting firm where they leverage technology to solve process bottlenecks for their clients, provides peace of mind with Advisory Services, and helps businesses be compliant (and meet CRA deadlines).

I asked Etel to come on the podcast to talk about how you can set up your business for financial success. The purpose of this episode is to empower you with a better sense of how you can manage the financials in your business (new or old).

Through the episode, Etel shares what it means to incorporate your business if you should do it, and why. She also speaks to the benefits of being a sole proprietor and provides some great tips for your year-end and what is actually considered revenue in your business.

We speak further about the typical audit type that designers can face, how to set up your business bank accounts, and various software you can use to keep you organized throughout the year (whether you’re a solo or have a team).

Lastly, you won’t want to miss the financial and other business definitions that Etel explains, some that took me YEARS to understand. This episode will help you set your business up for success from the beginning, and help you realize that it’s the little things that you do throughout the year that will keep you on track.

You can Etel at, email at, and on Instagram @BlossomCPA.