In the first official episode of season 4 of the Resilient by Design Podcast, I’m joined by 2 powerhouse women, Abagail Humphrey & Emylee Williams, in a riveting conversation where we cover it all and then some. Abagail, Emylee, and I share a passion for systems and processes and we talk all about growing your business in an internal and smart way.

This incredible conversation covers a large gamut of business topics, while Abagail and Emylee share a realistic approach to growing a business while taking into consideration the economy we find ourselves in. If you’re looking to grow your business but you’re thinking, “the world is changing shouldn’t affect me”… well, this episode is for you!

About Abagail & Emylee

Abagail and Emylee are the business fairy godmothers behind Boss Project and the hosts of the chart-topping podcast, The Strategy Hour. They’re internet-famous for their program, Trello for Business, which breaks down boring and complicated systems into bite-size chunks. They have helped over 10k creative small business owners create simplicity and ease in reaching their goals. After getting their start in 2015 serving clients in the marketing and branding space, they now help other service-based business owners reignite their offer, create systems for client experience, and get more of their time back into their program, The Incubator. The team at Boss Project is truly revitalizing the service-based industry through strategies that don’t require flashy marketing, a huge audience, or full-time hours.

During the conversation, we got into all things economic times along with the power of having a core service offering and how this can help you gain new and returning clients. These two women have an incredible knack for understanding the power of systems and really communicating the importance of that in your business and your sales focus. We dive into the distinction between repeat and brand-new clients, and share how investing in repeat clients will give you the most bang for your buck. 

There are so many more topics in this episode like, regularly increasing your rates so that you can pay for everything but still remain profitable, focusing on your client, having front and back-end offerings, and much more. 

You’ll definitely want to take notes on this one or give listen to it a couple of times to catch all of the juicy nuggets.

If you want to connect with Abagail and Emylee, you can visit their website at or tune into their amazing podcast, Strategy Hour.

As always I’m curious what you think of this episode and what resonates with you, so send me a DM on Instagram or join our Designer Meet-up Facebook Group!

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