This episode is all about money but more specifically about being profitable.

In this episode, I dive into what really matters when you want to be profitable, especially right now in a recession.

Profitability means that there’s money left over in the bank after you pay yourself, and my free tip for you is, always pay yourself first (something I never used to do that I’ve learned and has made a world of difference).

The goal of this episode is to simplify things for you by explaining the 2 things you need to focus on and understand to become or stay profitable: Increase your sales & decrease your expenses. During the episode, I share different ways you can keep track of your finances, maintain expenses without having them creep up on you, and get creative to increase your revenue.

If you’re interested in learning the numbers in your business and want an introduction to “accounting 101” listen to Episode 96 and download the freebie >>