In this episode, I sit down with the talented and multi-passionate Mia Parres of Mia Parres Designs and talk all about her entrepreneurial journey that led her from HGTV to her own design business, to a brand new business venture.

Mia Parres
About Mia Parres
Mia is the Principal Designer of Mia Parres Design, a high-end residential design firm based out of the Beaches in Toronto, Canada, with clients all over the GTA, Muskoka, and Cayman.
From new builds to full home renovations, to furniture packages and styling, MPD thoughtfully blends coastal California with contemporary lines and seamless vintage character.
Mia is also passionate about her luxury linen and loungewear line, ABODE, which specializes in curating the perfect bed sheet and All Day PJ for women looking to invest in their rest.

I love that throughout the episode Mia is so generous with her knowledge and shares it all! Collaboration is the reason why I do this podcast.

Further into our chat, Mia shares her struggles with learning the ins and outs of running a business and how to generate a passive income. We also delve into accountability and how important it is for any entrepreneur and business owner – Mia has an accountability partner! However, if you don’t have an accountability partner in your business, there are other ways to get that via a coach, community, or business/friend groups.

One tidbit that really stuck with me about our conversation was Mia’s take on teamwork. It’s better to be intentional with who you hire if you want to grow and scale your business.

I believe that entrepreneurs are artists. Don’t be afraid to put pen to paper and just get started! Don’t be afraid of failure, just start manifesting.

Mia Parres

You can find Mia on Instagram at @miaparresdesign, on her website at, or to connect with her bed linens and loungewear go to or on Instagram @lovemyabode.