Today’s episode is a solo where I share how I manage the pipeline in my design business.

Before we dive into the episode, I just wanted to say: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY AMERICAN FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND FOLLOWERS! ????

We’ve received so many questions regarding pipeline management in our design community that I really wanted to provide some help by telling you how I keep track of things in my design firm.

Through the episode, I talk about the program we use to track all of our projects, Asana, and exactly how we use it. We heavily depend on our project management program to not only keep our design team on track but also to let us know when we can take on new projects and when we are at capacity and need to delay the start date of a new project.

One thing I’ll share right now is to always communicate your projected start date with a potential lead from the very first point of contact and as they progress down your process, keep them updated!