This episode is such a treat. I interviewed Cynthia Soda of Soda Pop Design.

About Cynthia Soda

Cynthia is a business owner and busy mom of 4, Cynthia is the Owner and Principal Interior Designer of Soda Pop Design Inc. and Host of The Fizz Podcast.  Cynthia believes in and uses her appreciation for art and functional spaces that are “pretty with a purpose” to successfully merge lifestyle, personality, and architectural requirements to create customized, a liveable luxury that tells each client’s unique story.  Established in 2012, her award-winning interior design firm provides complete renovation and design services producing work that has been locally and nationally showcased in top design and lifestyle magazines.

We dig deep into the pain points in our business when it comes to hiring trades, the reality of designing for TV versus Real life, How to guide your clients to spending the money to do it right and the importance of confidence & how to value our talent as creatives.

You’ll hear two designers and business owners talk about the hard realities of standing up to our clients, why it’s important not to be a YES man. The lessons are multiple in this episode!

  • Be true to yourself. Trust your instincts. Clients won’t trust you if you don’t trust yourself.
  • What differentiates your business and how do you.
  • How can you get your clients to feel comfortable and trust you before you’ve even met them.
  • How we’re navigating this economic downturn to stay strong as a company. Turning quarantine into a blessing for the health of your business.

It’s time to amplify your message My love of Pajamas… looking for sponsors Will work for jammies.

It’s hard to take the time to work ON our biz and uncover what makes us different. As women, we tend to overthink everything and we are so hard on ourselves. How to find that small thing that differentiates you.

We’re all the same – we’re all struggling with the same things and looking overcome the same obstacles. We feel like we’re on an island and all alone. Sharing our experiences is so important. Imposter syndrome – We’re our own worst critics.

Social media & the lockdown – the downward spiral The parent trap in quarantine.

You can’t have it all at the same time

You can do it all but not all at once.