Social media can be overwhelming. It’ feels like everyone is gaining traction but yourself.

In today’s episode I’m sharing all the tactics you can use to optimize your instagram and grow your reach. There are 6 tactics I will share and if you stick around till the very end I will share my downloadable freebie with the top tips on how to leverage all facets of instagram. Right now is the the PERFECT time to be focusing your efforts and laying the foundations to build your presence on IG.

WHY Instagram?

Instagram is important for creatives because:

  • It’s a living, breathing portfolio
  • It’s the most visual of the social media platforms
  • You can connect with people within your industry (via DM and tagging and sharing LIVE feeds) I’ll get into each of the 6 tactics later on.
  • Establish vendors relations – DM
  • Get to know other like minded designers you wouldn’t have the nerve to approach at an in person industry event – because let’s face it – most of those events are pretty snooty and intimidating! (Here’s the YouTube video all about why I started this community in the first place… spoiler alert – it has to do with snobbishness)
  • Instagran is a Publishing platform – like a magazine

At the end I’ll talk about the specific apps that I use to improve the instagram experience.

In Episode #4 with Rachel Moriarty: We learned that Visibility leads to credibility which leads to profitability.

There are so many pathways to growth on IG. There isn’t a one size fits all. and you may find as I walk through each tactic that one resonates more than another with you. For example, I’m a big fan of Instagram Stories. I love to communicate via video and Love that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

My motto in business is “progress over perfection” and IG Stories is perfect for this… no pun intended.

The biggest trick to using IG well is CONSISTENCY. You cannot grow if you are not consistent. When you’re first starting out focus on one area and once you’ve nailed the consistency down on that one you can layer in another.