Today’s episode is all about how you can build your confidence to finally make those pivots in your life.

If 2020 and now 2021 have shown me anything at all, it’s the power of the pivot. The world is so different than we thought it would be when we rang in the year 2020. We’ve all had to make adjustments to our lifestyles, and most importantly our mindsets and businesses. Sometimes in order to keep the doors open or adapt, you have to make a big decision and pivot your trajectory. Last year in the middle of the pandemic, I pivoted quickly and whole-heartedly and was able to launch this podcast and an online course! Although I’m proud of myself, it wasn’t without hesitation and insecurity.

In this episode, I share how changing your mindset and boosting your confidence is the key to actually making decisions and taking large pivotal steps. I also share some of my own insecurities and 4 ways that have helped me gain confidence and get stuff done over the years.  Listen to this episode as I share the key elements in reframing your mindset.

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