Interview – Michelle Binette
In this episode, I was able to interview Michelle Binette of Michelle Binette Design. Michelle is one of my design buddies! I was on her podcast in 2019 talking about pricing and hiring (click here to listen), and now it’s her turn to be in the interviewee’s hot seat. We have a very candid conversation about how she recently did a complete overhaul of her onboarding and sales process, and how it was created to uniquely fit her personality, her mindset, and her service offering.
Having been surrounded by art her whole life, Interior Decorator Michelle Binette brings a unique artistic perspective to every project. Michelle’s rare ability to blend creativity and a systematic approach ensure the client has a great experience every step of the way.  In her four short years in Michelle has worked on countless residential projects, been featured on Design*Sponge and Rue Magazine, and is a guest expert on Marilyn Denis. Michelle also hosts ‘Real Talk Design’, a 5-star podcast where she gets real about the business of design. When she’s not changing the world one throw pillow at a time, you can find her catching up on reality TV.

During the episode, Michelle and I talk about how having a process is super important, even if you’re a creative individual, and of how you have to look within, and assess the areas of your business that are causing you friction and discomfort. To create a process that’s uniquely yours you have to recognize what needs to change and learn from your lessons. Michelle shares how she came to the pivotal decision of changing her service offering and making her business exactly what she wanted it to be. She shares some of what she does to stay strong and firm on the types of projects she takes on (saying no to a possible client is a scary thing for many).

You can find Michelle Binette at, on Instagram, and don’t forget to listen to her Real Talk Design Podcast

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