Interview – Emanuela Schneider

In today’s episode, I interview the talented Emanuela Schneider is a social media manager for interior designers. Through our chat, we touched upon what it’s been like living through Covid-19 in Brazil and the USA, her interest in social media management, and some big mistakes most of us are making on social media.

Emanuela has a background in journalism and copywriting, but found her passion in helping designers with social media marketing. She now specializes in Pinterest and Instagram management, including content creation. She also helps designers generate more leads and actually build a relationship with their ideal clients.

Through the episode, Emanuela and I chatted about the importance of the copy in Instagram and Pinterest posts, how to properly utilize Pinterest to elevate your brand and attract the right clients to your other platforms, and a few different strategies you can apply to your social media accounts to increase interaction.

You can find Emanuela Schneider, on Instagram @marketinginteriordesigners, and on Facebook.

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