I’m thrilled to share this episode with special guest Darla Powell! If you’re a design professional you’ve probably heard of Wingnut Social or of Darla herself. In this episode, Darla joined me to talk about all things marketing, with a special focus on Instagram and social media.

If you’re looking to up-level your social media marketing game as an interior designer this is for YOU!

About Darla

Darla Powell is more than just an award-winning interior designer, podcast host, social media speaker, and former police detective. She’s also an adept unraveler of marketing secrets. Her down-to-earth style delivers smart, actionable information that’s relevant to real business owners—because she is one. Topics range from social media mastery (what really engages followers—it’s probably not what you think) to how to build your brand from the ground up (how did she go from retired cop to one of the top five interior designers in Miami in less than sixteen months—secrets will be revealed).

Through the episode, Darla shared her insight on staying consistent with your marketing and how to stay true to yourself as you raise awareness and share on social media. If you like what you heard on this episode and want to hear more from Darla, let us know and we’ll bring her back to share more of her marketing genius!