In this episode, I chatted with Dena Patton and did a deep dive into the CEO mindset. We talked about how to take you from a fly by the night designer or entrepreneur to the truly savvy business person you know you want to be.

If you’re looking for the right motivation to stop treating your business like a hobby this one is for you!


About Dena

Dena Patton is an elite business coach and transformational speaker who has worked with thousands of purpose-driven business owners and world-changing leaders around the globe. She helps her clients to build GREAT companies that break records in their revenue AND their impact. She founded Dena Patton Coaching & Training Company 22 years ago while living in New York City where she created her world-class Greatness Methodology. Her 3-Pillar coaching approach can help you build: the systems to be a well-oiled company, the strategy to be a well-marketed company, and the greatness mindset to be a well-led company. As a speaker, coach and best-selling author Dena has garnered over 60 media stories and she leads from 6 core values: Courage, Accountability, Authenticity, Faith, Integrity, and Fun!!

As you listen to this episode pay close attention to her Dena describes clients. She categorizes them into beer clients, wine clients, and champagne clients. Use this segment to start thinking about your current client and see where they fall.

We also chatted about systems! I shared the ONE system I implemented in my business that completely transformed me from entrepreneur to CEO. It helped me free up my time and focus on the money-generating activities. I believe this is the one system that everyone should nail down first.

As you listen to this episode take away the motivation you need to be and own the CEO role in your business – it’s not about scaling or growing a team, it’s about freeing up your time to do what you love.

You can connect with Dena at or grab a copy of her book at The Greatness Game on Amazon.