In this episode, I sit down with Calgary designer, Kim Charbonneau to chat all about her experience as a POP and how it has helped her become comfortable in her second career as a designer. If you’re in your second or third career or are thinking of making the move, this episode is the perfect inspiration for you!

About Kim

Kim Charbonneau is the founder of Kim Joy Design located in Calgary, Alberta. Kim had been transforming her own spaces for many years, but in the last few years, she made the career switch and created her own firm. 

Through the episode, Kim openly shares her career journey, from IT to a second career as an interior designer. After taking care of her own renovation, she felt that she wanted to pursue interior design, and one of the first things she did before she even started her own business was take Power of Process. WOW!

Kim knew that like any other business, she needed systems and processes to be her foundation and to grow. Kim shares her experience within  Power of Process and how it helped her start her business on the right foot.

Towards the end of the episode, Kim shares a beautiful candid moment with me and a major takeaway from her time within our community. She found in us a safe space without judgment where she felt supported to grow at her own pace.


You can connect with Kim on Instagram @kimjoydesign.