In this episode, I sat down with the fabulous designer and POP Alumni, Elizabeth Cinquini. We chatted about her big move from New York City to Florida and how she went from chaos to finding her calm when she reinvented her process.

About Elizabeth Cinquini

Elizabeth is the founder of Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors. She helps busy professionals and families, who don’t have the time or design expertise, to completely transform their space. With 20 years of interior design and construction experience, Elizabeth keeps her clients ahead of the game by preventing and solving problems before they happen, saving clients time, money and stress!

Through the episode, Elizabeth shares her experience moving from commercial store design for a global company to running her successful interior design business. Elizabeth and I spoke about the importance of understanding your value, knowing your worth, and the power of mindset. She shares the value of being disciplined and staying motivated even if you don’t see results right away. 

You can manifest anything that you want. You really have to believe it and you have to put it out into the universe. You will get it! If you are disciplined and work to do it. You can manifest anything.

Elizabeth Cinquini

You can connect with Elizabeth on Instagram @elizabethcinquini and at