In this episode, I sat down with POP alumni and super powerhouse Yazyth Norelius. We chatted about her boomerang entrepreneurial journey, and how she made mind-blowing changes to her life and business as a result of Power of Process. Yazyth shares how she started out at first with a business partner, but then realized going out on her own was the right thing for her, which led to her ultimately doubling her income!

About Yazyth

Yazyth Norelius is the founder of One of a Kind Interior Design in Denver, Colorado. Yazyth finished design school in 2010 but did not fully dive into the design industry as she felt it was unwelcoming. After 20 years in the corporate world, she came back into design once again, first starting a business with a contractor friend, and then as a result of POP taking the plunge to start her own business and double her income.

Through the episode, Yazyth and I have a very candid conversation about her experience in the design industry over the years. She shares her negative experience when she first graduated and how it deterred her from pursuing a career in design right after she graduated. Through Power of Process Yazyth uncovered who her ideal client is and realized that she had to carve out her own path if she ever wanted to reach them. 

Yazyth shares her many Ah-ha moment through my Power of Process course and our Designers Room membership. She now feels confident and unstoppable because she not only took the plunge back into her passion but she successfully doubled her income! 

There is no stupid question. If you don’t ask what you don’t know, you’ll never get the answer. And then you’re missing out.

Yazyth Norelius

You can connect with Yazyth on Instagram @oneofakindid.