In this episode, I had the chance to sit down with a fellow Podcaster and Pittsburg Designer, Eric Dillman. We chatted about the interesting knowledge he’s gained from interviewing HGTV stars on his podcast as well as social media algorithms and branding.

About Eric

Eric Dillman is an Interior Designer from Pittsburgh, PA. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Eric has a Podcast “Pro Series with Eric Dillman” in which he interviews HGTV stars, and other design, construction, and real estate professionals from all around the world. 

In our conversation, we dive deeper into social media, and Instagram more specifically, talking about where people are at, the pesky algorithm, and what type of content to put out there to reach the right people. Eric also shared his unique thoughts on branding. Have a listen to the conversation and let us know your thoughts on the topic on Instagram and inside our community.

Put yourself in front of the camera. It brings life into your account. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there.

Eric Dillman

You can connect with Eric on Instagram @ericdillmandesigns