I recently asked a question in my Instagram stories. It was January, it was 7 am and it was still DARK outside! UGH, 

I wanted to know what other people did to entice themselves out of bed in the morning when it’s so dang dark outside. And the response was so overwhelming I thought it was worth documenting in a blog.

So here are the tips that I received. 

  1. Get a glow light – like the one they make for kids.

    The Phillips Wake-Up alarm got a few suggestions for this brand.

    Sunrise Alarm Clock by Dekala 

    A light therapy lamp like the Skyview wellness table lamp – boosts mood and productivity

  2. Splash cold water on your face – I actually already do a version of this by making the water cold at the end of my shower – almost as good as a cold plunge. LOL But IMO this doesn’t exactly entice me to get out of bed in the morning.
  3. Buy a cheap coffee maker and set the coffee to brew just before you need to wake up – this is what I tried to do but the machine we got from Breville is so fancy it keeps all the smells (and heat) inside. If you’re looking for an amazing coffee maker check it out but it won’t help you wake up
  4. Use a diffuser with Citrus Fresh essential oils. It’s apparently energizing.
  5. Go to bed earlier – well… duh! But that doesn’t bring the sun up any earlier!
  6. Green juice first thing to energize with apple, cucumber celery, and ginger.
  7. Air freshener that smells like Bacon –  hmmm. No comment on this one.
  8. Don’t get up until it’s daylight. I love this advice – maybe not super practical but hey – it was worth re-sharing for anyone that can hibernate all winter and not manage a family or job!