High Point market can be overwhelming.

It is hundreds of thousands of square feet of showroom. There are at least 50,000 Designers going through. It’s exciting but it’s also overwhelming.

This is my second time to “market” as they call it. And I learned a whole lot. Since many of you have asked me how to navigate, where should you book your hotel, and what brands should you visit, I thought I would put together a short blog series giving you my perspective and feedback on traveling to High Point market as a designer.

In this blog series, I want to share with you my big takeaways when it comes to booking your trip from coordinating your stay to which showrooms to visit, what to pack and bring, and how to make the best of your few short days at Market. It’s kind of like a first timers guide from my perspective. Hopefully, by the end of this blog series, you will be ready to book a trip to High Point market next season.

First, High Point market happens twice a year, Spring and Fall. I have been to both the Spring and Fall markets. I can tell you they’re pretty much the same just there’s a difference in the weather.

In today’s blog, I want to talk about the time of year and what to pack for your trip.

Depending on the season, Spring or Fall, you will want to bring certain clothes. In the Spring, you may encounter some rain so be prepared and check the weather forecast before you leave.


Here’s What to pack for a 2-3 day trip to High Point

So I’m told in “the South” the temperature can vary drastically from feeling like winter (3 degrees Celsius) in the morning to warm Summer (26 degrees) in the afternoon, and that was exactly my experience this last Fall trip to Market. I was not prepared for the heat. I wish I had brought a hat with me to protect my face from the sun and even sunscreen. I was smart though and did not carry a jacket with me from the hotel each morning because I would have needed to either check it or carried around with me all day long. My tip is to Pack with layers!

I can’t tell you what type of clothes to pack because everyone has their own personal style. Some women wear sneakers with jeans and a nice blazer while other women wear dress pants or long dresses. If I could do it again I would probably bring long dresses. They’re a lot more comfortable than jeans that start to get tight after too many beers… But that might just be my own problem. lol

Regardless of your personal fashion style, these are some non-negotiables I suggest you bring to Market.

1 – Comfortable walking shoes (Or tennis shoes as those South of the border like to call them ????)

There is an insane amount of walking you will hit 10,000 steps every single day without fail. More than the walking though is just standing looking and a lot of the showrooms have concrete floors it can be really trying for your lower back and without the right footwear, you can start to get blisters easily. Literally, EVERYONE wears running shoes or at least comfy flats.

2 – Portable battery charger for your cellphone

Every single day you will take hundreds of photos & videos and it will drain your battery. The first time I went to Market I did not know this and I kept searching for a place to plug in my phone and charge it. (There are charging stations in some buildings and there’s a business center where you charge and lock up your phone in IHFC) but having a battery pack means you don’t have to leave where you are, allowing you to maximize your visit.

3 – Clothes that will take you from day to night

There’s no going back to the hotel in the afternoon to change for a cocktail party. Once you get to Market in the morning you’re in it to win it all day long until you return in one of the 3 evening shuttles. (More on shuttle buses to come in another post).

4 – A cute small backpack or Crossbody bag

Large purses or tote bags tend to fill up with unneeded paperwork and get so heavy. You’ll regret dragging around a heavy leather purse. I have my cute little red backpack that can switch into a Crossbody bag and it was perfect I didn’t feel burdened by stuff.

5 – 2 pairs of Stylish sunglasses

Well, yours don’t have to be stylish but let’s face it, we are Designers. Even though a lot of the market is indoors there are also so many opportunities to be outside and walk to different shops. It’s sunny sunny sunny here and be prepared with a backup pair, because if your sunglasses break there’s nowhere to shop and buy new ones.

One last thing I will share is what you don’t need. And as much as it pains me to say this my little sustainability heart is breaking but I think I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share this.

You don’t need to bring a water bottle. There’s literally nowhere to refill a reusable water bottle. In fact, you will be given free water bottles at every single showroom and on the side of the road. It’s actually so terrible because there is so much waste and no recycling.

But it’s helpful to know because the last time I went, I carried around my water bottle empty and it was something that was super annoying to have that I couldn’t even use.